For the average person who is interested in natural health/complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), a few questions may arise:

What is it? Does it work? Is it safe? What’s the evidence?

By answering some of these natural health (“naturo”) FAQs, NaturoFAQs aims to be an informational resource for consumers and patients who want to learn more about these products and practices.

NaturoFAQs bases its answers on the highest-quality scientific evidence currently available: systematic reviews (mainly those from the Cochrane Collaboration, which is generally considered one of the highest standards of evidence in medicine), gold-standard randomized controlled clinical trials (RCTs), and clinical guidelines from major medical bodies. NaturoFAQs’ articles contain references to hundreds of these sources. So don’t just trust our summaries – take a look at the evidence yourself. We simply report what the best-available science says, without the spin of marketing agencies or organizations that profit from natural health practices.

Check out a few popular and common topics below. More topics will be added over time.

(Please note: the contents of this website (NaturoFAQs) are for informational purposes only and should NOT be taken as medical advice. Always consult a healthcare professional before starting or stopping any treatment. Please see our Terms and Conditions).




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